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[puredata] Automatonism



Automatonism is a modular synthesiser that runs in the open source programming language Pure Data. It features a large library of 67 modules.


XODULAR ecoSYSTEM – PureData Modular System


Download / Site

Author: Monolog X

License: PD License

The XODULAR ecoSYSTEM is a new modular synthesizer system in Pure Data. Where the first XODULAR system was a collection of simpler synthesis building blocks, the ecoSYSTEM is a much more personal instrument. The modules are more specific and complex. I wanted to create an instrument with a unique workflow and sound. For this reason, I do suspect that it might not be as easy to dive straight into as the previous XODULAR system, but the sonic possibilities are much, much wider.  I hope you have some fun with it! I would also like to thank Joseph Beg for helping me realizing this project. His beta-testing helped shape this thing immensely.


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PD for Android 1.0.0


Download / Site

License: Standard Improved BSD License

I’d like to announce that we’ve released version 1.0.0 of PD for Android on a maven repository on JCenter.
There were no changes done to the API of pd-for-android but rather to the way that it can be used. It is much simpler now to integrate the library in Android apps and the project can now be easily used with Android Studio, which has replaced Eclipse as the standard tool used for developing Android apps.
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Pure Data Party Publisher



Authors: Germain Aubert and Bérenger Recoules

License: GNUPL V3

Publish your Pure Data patches on Android with enhanced GUI and Jamming features.

To sum up, PPP is a framework offering to support midi jamming over wifi features to audio applications and instruments. That means that apps can be connected to each other over wifi with a slave/master paradigm, enabling each sequencer to be in synch with each others.


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WebPd 0.4.0 released

Download / Site

Autor: Sebastien Piquemal

License: LGPL

WebPd is a 100% JavaScript Pure Data runtime using Web Audio API to play audio in the browser. It aims at allowing a subset of Pure Data programming language to run in the browser without plugins and with best possible performance.

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Microtonal Keyboard Mapper for PureData

Download / Site

Author: Adam Matthew Hart

Here’s a patch for weird music aficionados. It lets you map your computer keypad to a microtonal scale and play it as an instrument. I made it because I wanted an easier way of writing music in unusual tuning systems.

There might be a bit of customisation needed unless your keypad happens to be identical to mine. See the help file inside the patch for details, and directions for use.

I’m really proud of this one so I hope someone else finds it useful. Download links are available here. You’ll need to keep the subpatch ‘adsr’ in the same folder or it won’t work, and you’ll need to already have Pd installed, which is available here.

[news] Puredata Études of Joaquín Mendoza


These studies were created using just PD, and what you are listening was recorded directly from it, with no added EQ or effects.

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