Open Source Music and Graphics Software

Programming Languages:


  • Amen_Pi: On Line Automatic Breakcore Generator (HTML5 / JavaScript)
  • Blue: A music composition environment for Csound (CSound)
  • Cabbage: prototyping and developing audio plugins (CSound)
  • CSound-expression: the simplest textual synthesizer (CSound)
  • CsoundQt: CsoundQt is a frontend for Csound featuring a highlighting editor with autocomplete, interactive widgets and integrated help. (Csound)
  • CSound on Android (Csound)
  • Helm: free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer
  • Key Pulsations:  experiment in collaborative music making. (SuperCollider)
  • Microtonal Keyboard: Microtonal Keyboard Mapper (PureData).
  • openFrameworks: open source C++ toolkit for creative coding. (c++)
  • PraxisLive: Hybrid visual IDE for creative coding (Processing)
  • PD for Android (PureData)
  • Pure Data Party Publisher: Publish your Pure Data patches on Android with enhanced GUI and Jamming features (PureData)
  • WebPD: WebPd is a 100% JavaScript Pure Data runtime to play audio in the browser. (PureData)
  • XODULAR ecoSYSTEM – Modular System (PureData)

Programmers / Artists: