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Llia (controlling SuperCollider synths over OSC)


Llia is a framework for controlling SuperCollider synths over OSC.
It provides a comprehensive MIDI implementation and comes bundled
with several instruments and effects.


* MIDI values to synth parameter mapping.
* Program banks.
* Key-splits, layering and alternate scales.
* Multiple key modes.
* Open collection of synths, effects and controllers.
* Synth Parameter editors.
* Random program generators.
* Patching synths and effects graphically.
* Python scripting.

The doc folder contains a comprehensive set of HTML documents.
The file doc/index.html is the documentation home page.


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Key Pulsations, SuperCollider’s experiment in collaborative music making

Download / Site

Key Pulsations is an experiment in collaborative music making. A music seed idea in the form of SuperCollider code will be presented. The SuperCollider community is invited to take part in its transformation into a full scale piece (or pieces, if desired).

Let’s make music together.

[code] NX102 (La Ment no té límits)

A SuperCollider Semideterministic Class and JitLib Code for Experimental Livecoding Sound.

A Example of 7 semideterministic variations:

+info doc download

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