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[nx2016-06] June CC Electronic Music Compilation


Side A – High  /  Download

Side B – Low  /  Download

Download all



SIDE_A – High

nx2016-06A_01 : Untitled002 / Untitled (DSX) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://www.audioexit.com/audio/ae094dsx-untitled/

nx2016-06A_02 : Lost Mind / Searching (Sekonz) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://www.zimmer-records.org/free-releases/138-sekonz-searching/

nx2016-06A_03 : Alison in the Sky / Mille Facettes (Floating Mind) cc-by-sa
: http://www.monokrak.net/monokrak-184-floating-mind-mille-facettes/

SIDE_B – Low
nx2016-06B_01 : Black Flower / Black Flower (Dany Angelelli) cc-by-nc-sa
: https://ephedrinanetlabel.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/eph136-dany-angelelli-black-flower/

nx2016-06B_02 : / Chrysalis (Burke Jam) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://deepwhitesound.com/dws171/

nx2016-06B_03 : this this #2 / this this (Phil Maguire) cc-by-nc-sa
: https://linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/this-this

Compiled by: Miquel Parera

Cover design by: Miquel Parera
Background image: https://unsplash.com/photos/TdCavVXj7K4 by Alex Wong – License: cc0

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