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[nx2016-03] March CC Electronic Music Compilation


Side A – High  /  Download

Side B – Low  /  Download

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SIDE_A – High

nx2016-03A_01 : Npka / Rítmica (Zacarías Malden) cc-by-nc-sa
: http://pueblonuevo.cl/2016/03/17/ritmica/

nx2016-03A_02 : re-Hiroshima#02 / forGS (Ono) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://elementperspective05.bandcamp.com/album/forgs

nx2016-03A_03 : Countenance / Dialogue Alone (Manb) cc-by-nc-sa
: http://sucumusic.weebly.com/-manb-dialogue-alone-scm-1603.html#.Vux0yNLhBiw

nx2016-03A_04 : Hello / Mellow Space (Lab023) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://www.kahvi.org/releases.php?release_number=368

nx2016-03A_05 : Berlin Arrival / Dutsche Bahn EP (Hike) cc-by-nc-sa
: http://cfmlabel.bandcamp.com/album/deutsche-bahn-ep

nx2016-03A_06 : Part 1 / For The Sad, The Mad And The Lonely (Trium Circulorum) cc-by-nc-sa
: http://fwonk.co.uk/188-triumcirculorum/

SIDE_B – Low

nx2016-03B_01 : Synapse Bath / Weaving a Sonic Tapestry (Twoleggedzoo) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://www.zimmer-records.org/free-releases/132-twoleggedzoo-weaving-sonic-tapestry/

nx2016-03B_02 : Hidden / Shifting Down EP (Mystified ans Slo-Blo) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://www.tape-safe.net/2016/03/tafe-33-shifting-down-ep-mystified-with.html

nx2016-03B_03 : Part 1 / Cold Water (December Nightskies) cc-by-nc-nd
: https://archive.org/details/petroglyph430DecemberNightskies-ColdWater

nx2016-03B_04 : Evolution of the Algorithmic Elites / Conspiracy Therapists (Jeff Gburek & Filippo Panichi ) cc-by-nc-nd
: http://plustimbre.com/index.php/releases/103-0262016

nx2016-03B_05 : More Compression / January Recordings (DR) cc-by-nd
: http://soo.su/news/dr-january-recordings/2016-02-26-6

nx2016-03B_06 : The Path of Icy Solitude / Black Saturday (Scott Lawlor) cc-by-nc-sa
: http://www.weareallghosts.co.uk/2016/03/presenting-black-saturday-waagrel084-by.html

Compiled by: Miquel Parera

Cover design by: Miquel Parera
Background image: https://freevintageillustrations.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/retro-sci-pic-23.jpg | Public Domain

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