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[nx2016-02] February CC Electronic Music Compilation


Side A – High  /  Download

Side B – Low  /  Download

Download all

SIDE_A – High

nx2016-02A_01 : Transmission II / Syndicate (Soren Nordstrom) CC-BY-NC-SA
: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/soren-nordstrom-syndicate

nx2016-02A_02 : Supressed / Wrog (Oreinoi) CC-BY-NC-ND
: http://www.brusionetlabel.net/oreinoi-wrog/

nx2016-02A_03 : Replicant / Genetic Reflection (Biosynthesis) CC-BY-NC-ND
: https://archive.org/details/petroglyph426Biosynthesis-GeneticReflection

nx2016-02A_04 : Rakatakatikatong / The Star of Munster EP (E-Coli) CC-BY-NC
: http://www.otherman-records.com/releases/OTMN071

nx2016-02A_05 : Abyssopelagic Labyrinth / Twilight Zone EP (y=0t) CC-BY-NC
: www.otherman-records.com/releases/OTMN072

nx2016-02A_06 : Way Back Home / The Beginning (Sova Sound Theory) CC-BY-NC
: https://edendeeply.bandcamp.com/album/ed028-sova-sound-theory-the-beginning

SIDE_B – Low

nx2016-02B_01 : Dyson Sphere / New Horizon (Hecrom) CC-BY-NC-ND
: http://www.zimmer-records.org/free-releases/130-hecrom-new-horizon/

nx2016-02B_02 : No sugar, no milk / Comet in London (Paolino Canzoneri) CC-BY-NC-ND
: http://www.nostressnetlabel.net/NN_LP067_02_16.html

nx2016-02B_03 : Sahara / Pirs (Nick R 61) CC-BY-SA
: http://statoelettrico.net/netlabel/release/nick-r-61-pirs/

nx2016-02B_04 : Archaic Machine / Tales Of Space Exploration 35-42 (Brother Saturn) CC-BY-NC-ND
: http://www.weareallghosts.co.uk/2016/02/presenting-tales-of-space-exploration.html

nx2016-02B_05 : Woozy / Midnight Land (Corbin Roof) CC-BY-NC-SA
: http://fwonk.co.uk/184-corbinroof/

nx2016-02B_06 : Amanece per se / Conversaciones con el Demiurgo (José Guillén) CC-BY-NC-ND
: http://www.plustimbre.com/index.php/releases/101-0252016

Compiled by: Miquel Parera

Cover design by: Miquel Parera
Background image: http://ian.macky.net/secretmuseum/chief_in_european_clothes.jpg | CC-BY-NC-3.0


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