[2013.08] I heard this august 18 fine experimental releases

2013.143.08.01 [pn083] Fistemni and Vlisa (I.M.B. 380Xd Overload)

Info:: http://www.pueblonuevo.cl/pn_site/index.htm

2013.144.08.02 [ndb-001s] David Nemeth (Killing Camper Van Beethoven)

Info:: http://www.nodeb.net/new-single-david-nemeths-killing-camper-van-beethoven/

2013.145.08.03 [vuzh044] Daniel Barbiero (Four Transformations)

Info:: http://www.vuzhmusic.com/releases/transform.html

2013.146.08.04 [radiolibre] VA (Ruidos del trabajo y sonidos de resitencia)

Info:: https://archive.org/details/Ruidosdeltrabajo

2013.147.08.05 [0kbps040] Fabiorosho (Latina Merda vol.2)

Info:: https://archive.org/details/0kbps040

2013.148.08.06 [BN_EP003_08_13] Smetanik (Deep Silence from the Future)

Info:: http://www.batenimnetlabel.net/BN_EP003_08_13.html

2013.149.08.07 [ntt074] ¬[d] (Array of Detritus)

Info:: http://archive.org/details/ntt074

2013.150.08.08 [wh269] Eccentrum (Sea of Trees)

Info:: http://archive.org/details/wh269

2013.151.08.09 [rw100] VA (Reflections of a Vision)

Info:: http://archive.org/details/RW-100

2013.152.08.10 [fw108] Phirnis (Feeding Lions)

Info:: http://archive.org/details/FW108

2013.153.08.11 [mhrk108] Marco Pianges (Removal)

 Info:: http://archive.org/details/mhrk108

2013.154.09.12 [UPL 053] Secrets Of The 45 (Verdant Peal)

Info:: http://www.underpolen.com/artysci-artists/secrets-of-the-45/upl-053-secrets-of-the-45-verdant-peal-2013/

2013.155.08.13 [haze229] VA (Dedication to Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Info:: http://h-a-z-e.org/archives/1820#.UhM9muggf8b

2013.156.08.14 [modisti60] Hugo Paquete (Data Metaphysics)

Info:: http://modisti.com/netlabel/?p=882

2013.157.08.15 [haze230] Noosign (All Blues Fades)

Info:: http://archive.org/details/HAZE230

2013.158.08.16 [txr047] Zoÿ Archa (Tremendous Fury)

Info:: http://textural-rec.com/tremendous-fury/

2013.159.08.17 [ndb-002a] David Nemeth (A Noise Life)

Info:: http://www.nodeb.net/new-album-david-nemeths-a-noise-life/

2013.160.08.18 [fnl015] Transtel Projekt (Micron)

Info:: http://fugadiscos.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/transtel-projekt-micron/


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