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[treetrunk270] Alozeau and Miquel Parera (Five Structures And A Cold Void)

[audio https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/01_Structure_I.mp3,https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/02_Structure_II.mp3,https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/03_Structure_III.mp3,https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/04_Structure_IV.mp3,https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/05_Structure_V.mp3,https://archive.org/download/Five_Structures_And_A_Cold_Void/06_A_Cold_Void.mp3%5D

Download mp3.

Download flac and ogg.


Structure I. (03:23) ID: nxAlozeau-2012-09-21_16_56_22.
Structure II. (02:49) ID: nxAlozeau-2012-10-23_04_07_56.
Structure III. (02:43) ID: nxAlozeau-2012-11-16_01_08_05.
Structure IV. (02:24) ID: nxAlozeau-2012-11-28_00_51_55.
Structure V. (03:29) ID: nxAlozeau-2012-11-22_01_19_43.
A Cold Void. (18:03) ID: No ID.

Alozeau: http://alozeau.blogspot.com.es/
Miquel Parera: https://musicnumbers.wordpress.com/nxreleases/

Cover art: Irma Marco: http://cargocollective.com/irmamarco

License: CC-BY-SA

[eng] I give thanks to Alozeau. He proposed this collaboration. Simply looking for a sound consensus has helped me achieve something that I value: the constant revision of ideas. I would not end up having immutable philosophical corpus, I will leave that to the politicians and the religious.

[cat] He d’agrair a Alozeau haver-me proposat aquesta col · laboració. El simple fet de buscar un consens en el so m’ha ajudat a aconseguir una cosa que valoro molt: la constant revisió de les idees. No m’agradaria acabar tenint un corpus filosòfic immutable, això ho deixo als polítics i als religiosos.

[esp] Debo agradecer a Alozeau el haberme propuesto esta colaboración. El simple hecho a buscar un consenso en el sonido me ha ayudado a conseguir algo que valoro mucho: la constante revisión de las ideas. No me gustaría acabar teniendo un corpus filosófico inmutable, eso se lo dejo a los políticos y a los religiosos.

Thanks to Treetrunk for posting this album.

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