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[code] Traer Physics Library for SuperCollider

From: http://www.fredrikolofsson.com/f0blog/index.php?q=node/583

a while ago i started porting the java/processing library TRAER.PHYSICS 3.0 by Jeffrey Traer Bernstein to supercollider. it’s a simple and elegant particle system and a physics engine all in one. there are already ports to actionscript3, javascript and c++ (cinder), but i haven’t seen anyone working with it in sc yet. so i had a go – both to learn more and to have an alternative to my own physics library quark redUniverse.

it is now finished and released as a quark. this is the initial version and there might still be bugs. i _did see sc crash once in a strange way after spawning lots of particles, so watch out for memory leaks.
to install it run the following code and recompile sc…

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  1. dotkor_not_doktor
    2012/12/20 at 3:31 pm

    A very interisting approach.

    The way the auditorial cortex / the cerebellum “gets” the world is mainly neglected when talking about reason and understanding. We would’nt have this parts of the brain, if they were not deeply interconnected to physical laws. The impression of sound lies in it’s subtle whilst overwhelming conjectures.

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