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[treetrunk245] Miquel Parera Jaques (Improvisation and Indeterminacy)

[audio http://archive.org/download/Improvisation_and_Indeterminacy/Improvisation_and_Indeterminacy_1.mp3,http://archive.org/download/Improvisation_and_Indeterminacy/Improvisation_and_Indeterminacy_2.mp3%5D

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Improvisation and Indeterminacy.
Miquel Parera Jaques

Two livecoding supercollider improvisations.


01. Improvisation and Indeterminacy 1. (nxHSI-2012-01-11_04_06_10) – 17’27”
02. Improvisation and Indeterminacy 2. (nxHSI-2012-01-19_04_54_32) – 17’12”

License: CC-BY-NC-SA


Improvisation and indeterminacy.

Improvisation and indeterminacy are two aesthetic positions and,
while, philosophical. Together they provide action to thought. Without
know what will happen and responding to events without
prejudices, consciousness tune with the present and the


Improvisació i Indeterminació.

La improvisació i la indeterminació són dos posicionaments estètics i,
al seu torn, filosòfics. Junts proporcionen acció al pensament. Si no
coneixem el que passarà i, a més, responem als esdeveniments sense
prejudicis, sintonitzem la consciència amb el moment present i la
atenció plena.


Improvisación e Indeterminación.

La improvisación y la indeterminación son dos posicionamientos estéticos y,
a su vez, filosóficos. Juntos proporcionan acción al pensamiento. Si no
conocemos lo que va a pasar y, además, respondemos a los acontecimientos sin
prejuicios, sintonizamos la conciencia con el momento presente y la
atención plena.

Cover Art: nxComposition021a (Miquel Parera Jaques)
Based on pottery decoration (geometric style)
from ancient Greece on Montserrat Museum.

Review from  jwf3148:

Track 1 : Echoes of Eliane Radigue, throbs of diesel-powered engines, clicks like short-wave number stations, and much more…like a relentless incoming tide of the machine age…the transistions and momentum are thrilling in their dynamic, fear-inspiring in their impersonal mechanic…this is what the Borg pipe into their lounges as background music to accompany internal conversations with millions of voices…
Track 2 : The evolution of the single-celled static electronic mono-tone from out of the emptiness of “source”, and the immergence of dynamic phenomena whose future present is Track 1…

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