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[bof038] Zreen Toyz (Archives 1970-1980)

[audio http://archive.org/download/bof038/01_-_Tole_molle_de_montre.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/02_-_Parasitages_mondains.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/03_-_Alluchons_de_pensees_obscures_plein_sud.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/04_-_Premiere_ligne_de_partage_des_os.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/06_-_Seconde_ligne_de_partage_des_zoos.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/08_-_Rissa_tridactyla.mp3,http://archive.org/download/bof038/10_-_Alluchons_de_pensees_obscures_plein_ouest.mp3%5D


Info:: http://buddhistonfire.com/2012/09/38-zreen-toyz—archives-1970-1980/

[eng] The Food of the Gods.
The Food of the Gods is a lie, a dream which we ourselves.
[cat] L’aliment dels Déus.
L’aliment dels déus és una mentida, un somni que nosaltres mateixos tenim.
[esp] El Alimento de los Dioses.
El alimento de los dioses es una mentira, un sueño que nosotros mismos tenemos.

Artist info:: http://jlhb.free.fr/zreentoyz.html

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