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[news] Daniel Mayer’s miSCellaneaus for Supercollider

From:: http://www.daniel-mayer.at/software_en.htm

Program library for SuperCollider, at present (v0.7, 2012-08-31) contains

1.) VarGui, a slider and player gui to set environmental variables and synth controllers and to play synths, event patterns and tasks. Includes a player console, main features:

.) Different player modes
.) Button colors and background colors reflecting playing states
.) Handling groups of players and sliders with modifier keys
.) Supports arrayed synth args and arrayed variables
.) Variables can be set in different environments
.) Latency setting, global and for synth player message bundling
.) gui appearance customization in size, arrangement and color
.) Allows definition of additional slider actions e.g. for plotting
.) Works with Cocoa, SwingOSC and Qt
.) Support of slider classes EZSmoothSlider and EZRoundSlider (wslib)
.) Shortcut build methods with use of metadata
.) Automatic Pbind generation for sequencing
2.) General tutorial files:

.) Event patterns and LFO-like control
.) Event patterns with functional code
3.) PLx suite, dynamic scope proxy variants of common Pattern classes
4.) Buffer Granulation, a tutorial with gui examples of different implementations (UGens, Patterns, mixed)
5.) HS / PHS, a family of classes for the use of server generated values in pbind-like objects in the language


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