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[amp119] Heddy Boubaker (X)

[audio http://archive.org/download/amp119/1_heddy_boubaker_x_Xy.mp3,http://archive.org/download/amp119/2_Heddy_Boubaker_x_Rendering.mp3,http://archive.org/download/amp119/3_Heddy_Boubaker_x_ab.mp3,http://archive.org/download/amp119/4_heddy_Boubaker_x_remanentEngine.mp3,http://archive.org/download/amp119/5_heddy_boubaker_x_1790.mp3%5D


2012.186.08.17 [amp119] Heddy Boubaker (X)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/amp119

[eng] The dual tree.
A. Perpendicular: On the combinatorics.
B. Horizontally: On discrete mathematics.
[cat] L’arbre dual.
A. Perpendicularment: Sobre la combinatòria.
B. Horitzontalment: Sobre la matemàtica discreta.
[esp] El árbol dual.
A. Perpendicularmente: Sobre la combinatoria.
B. Horizontalmente: Sobre la matemática discreta.

Artist info:: http://heddy.boubaker.free.fr/

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