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[2012.06] I heard this june 21 fine experimental releases

2012.128.06.01 [cwk0018] VA (Classwar Karaoke Survey)
Info:: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Classwar_Karaoke/Classwar_Karaoke_-_0018_Survey/
2012.129.06.02 [Eg0_065] Norss (Alleen)
Info:: http://eg0cide.com/2012/06/02/eg0_065-norss-alleen/
2012.130.06.03 [uzu] Miguel A.Garcia & Xavier Lopez (Rojo)
Info:: http://www.uzusounds.com/rojo
2012.131.06.04 [tn034] Sergio Sánchez (La Vallesa)
Info:: http://www.tecnonucleo.org/index.php?page=release&release=34
2012.132.06.05 [nk105] Rrr (Level75)
Info:: http://www.nowaki-music.org/album.php?id=152#album152
2012.133.06.06 [INSD 010] The Noisemaker (Space Drones)
Info:: http://ins-out.com/inside/releases/insd-010/
2012.134.06.07 [rain049] Aairria (Signs)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/rain049
2012.135.06.08 [exp-net] Javier Piñango & Edu Comelles (Rally!)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/rally_pinango_comelles
2012.136.06.09 [dys012] David Nemeth (Next Year Geometry)
Info:: http://dystimbria.cc/
2012.137.06.10 [vuzh036] Jeph Jerman (43’41” for Chris Reider)
Info:: http://vuzhmusic.com/releases/4341.html
2012.138.06.11 [gracia] VA (Microtopías)
Info:: http://graciaterritorisonor.bandcamp.com/
2012.139.06.12 [modisti44] Iqcm/Equipo Elevador (Untitled)
Info:: http://modisti.com/netlabel/?p=691
2012.140.06.13 [at052] Federico Monti (at052)
Info:: http://www.audiotalaia.net/catalogue/at052-federico-monti/
2012.141.06.14 [treetrunk200] Forrest Fang (Seeds Of Memory EP)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/Seeds_Of_Memory_EP
2012.142.06.15 [murmur] Atrio Serenade (Drone Panoramica)
Info:: http://atrioserenade.bandcamp.com/album/drone-panoramica
2012.143.06.16 [et21] Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui Paulino (White Mother)
Info:: http://etchedtraumas.bandcamp.com/album/white-mother
2012.144.06.17 [treetrunk223] Mystified (Dead Souls)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/Mystified_Dead_Souls
2012.145.06.18 [Eg0_068] Sithwomb (Overlords EP)
Info:: http://eg0cide.com/2012/06/23/eg0_068-sithwomb-overlords-ep/
2012.146.06.19 [sPE_0114] Qkcofse (Flywheel Imp)
Info:: http://surrism.phonoethics.com/surrism-phonoethics_qkcofse_flywheel_imp_spe_0114.html
2012.147.06.20 [gal0020] Yasuhiro Morinaga (Sceneries from the Castellated Wall)
Info:: http://www.galaverna.org/?page_id=863
2012.148.06.21 [treetrunk 224] Jung Archetypes (Unus Mundus)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/Unus_Mundus
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