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[news] New Edition of Csound Floss Manual

From: http://www.flossmanuals.net/csound/

We are happy to announce the second release of the Csound Floss Manual. It has been an exciting year for Csound, with many activities and important developments. Thanks to the long and hard work of Steven Yi, John ffitch, Tito Latini and others, a new parser has been written. This opens up many new possibilities for future language adaptations and more flexibility within the Csound syntax. In autumn 2011, the first international Csound Conference took place at HMTM Hannover, with many inspiring workshops, concerts, papers and most notably discussions between developers and users. In early 2012, Jim Aikin’s Csound Power! was published and it represents a very well written introduction to Csound. In early spring, Victor Lazzarini and Steven Yi published the first release of Csound on Android devices, and all developers are currently pushing towards Csound6.

The first edition of the Csound Floss Manual has been a huge success. We are proud and glad to see it used, linked and quoted in many places. It has come to be regarded as a complement to the Csound Manual. We hope we can continue to reflect Csound’s development in this manual. The core writers of the Csound Floss manual would like to extend their thanks to Richard Boulanger, John Clements and others for their support, and to all the writers for their various contributions. Thanks also are due to Adam Hyde and the team at flossmanuals.net for maintaining and developing this important platform for free libre open source software.

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