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[TN033] Miquel Parera Jaques (Empty Space)

[audio http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_1.mp3,http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_2.mp3,http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_3.mp3,http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_4.mp3,http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_5.mp3,http://archive.org/download/tn033/nxN001_6.mp3%5D

Download mp3.

From: http://www.tecnonucleo.org/index.php?page=release&release=33


Author: Miquel Parera Jaques
Title: nxN001 Empty Space.
Year: 2012
Tags: Experimental,Drone,Minimal,Clicks


For these compositions, I have focused, in addition
to minimize the time and events, in
constraining the frequencies, so that the sound
were rich in harmonics but concentrated in precise ranges.


All performances are livecode improvisations
with SuperCollider (and some Puredata).
Due to its semi-deterministic nature, the
reinterpretation of the recording function as
can give different results.

nxN001-1 Title: nxH16-2012-02-06_00_07_44
Time: 2 minutes 53 seconds
|Pad|High Pitches|Notes|
[Insect notes]

nxN001-2 Title: nxH14-2012-02-08_04_18_38
Time: 1 minute 46 seconds
[Changes on a array]

nxN001-3 Title: nxH15-2012-02-05_23_09_56
Time: 3 minutes 45 seconds
[Wavetable Distortions]

nxN001-4 Title: nxH9-2012-01-03_04_20_04
Time: 2 minutes 13 seconds
[Synchronous Granular Synthesis]

nxN001-5 Title: nxH11-2012-02-10_00_41_05
Time: 3 minutes 7 seconds
[Mutations on a Genetic Algorithm]

nxN001-6 Title: nxH12-2012-02-06_01_11_58
Time: 2 minutes 8 seconds
[Synchronous Granular Synthesis]

Copyright: CC-BY-NC-SA
Software used: SuperCollider,PureData,Audacity.

You can download the samples at: http://archive.org/details/nxAudio

You can download the code at: http://archive.org/download/nxCode/nxCode_2012-02.zip

Thanks to people of Tecnonucleo for trust in my work!

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