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[2012.03] I heard this march 20 fine experimental releases

2012.055.03.01 [cwk0017] VA (Classwar Karaoke: Survey)
Info:: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Classwar_Karaoke/0017_survey/
2012.056.03.02 [rw069] Lautebaum (Wunderkind)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/ArewRecordingsPresentsrw-069Lautebaum-Wunderkind
2012.057.03.03 [dys010] Cinchel (Swamp Monsters, Secret Prisons)
Info:: http://dystimbria.cc/
2012.058.03.04 [EdP051] VA (No Labels No Musics III)
Info:: http://editoradoporto.blogspot.com/2012/03/edp051-no-labels-no-musics-iii.html
2012.059.03.05 [ar062] VA (Modisti 1997-2012)
Info:: http://auditionrecords.com/ar062.html
2012.060.03.06 [limrec125] Sound Spread (Mass Merge EP)
Info:: http://www.liminalrecs.com/?q=lr125
2012.061.03.07 [dna127] Zreen Toyz (Pocket Recycling)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/dna_127_zreen_toyz_pocket_recycling
2012.062.03.08 [amp108] Zreen Toyz (Polyglot Ripples)
Info:: http://amp-recs.com/amp/amp108.html
2012.063.03.09 [em170] VA (A Sixth Compilation)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/ASixthCompilationem170
2012.064.03.10 [em171] Asteroid (Black Lines)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/BlackLinesem171
2012.065.03.11 [ele013] Various Artists (Sayonara Nuclear Power)
Info:: http://elegirl.net/label/archives/418
2012.066.03.12 [rw070] Lezet (Meld7)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/ArewRecordingsPresentsrw-070Lezet-Meld7
2012.067.03.13 [wh211] Mystified (Bone Drones 4)
Info:: http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh211-mystified-bone-drones-4/
2012.068.03.14 [Eg0_056] Demagolka (Strenuus)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/eg0_056
2012.069.03.15 [treetrunk207] Iaiko (Overtone)
Info:: http://www.archive.org/details/Iaiko_Overtone
2012.070.03.16 [ursonate000000002] VA (Compilation)
Info:: http://ursonatefanzine.tk/
2012.071.03.17 [unknow] Fabio Keiner (Contemplation)
Info:: http://fabiokeiner.bandcamp.com/album/contemplation
2012.072.03.18 [treetrunk209] David Nemeth (Home Drones)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/Home_Drones_Nemeth
2012.073.03.19 [wh214] Mystified (Bone Drones 5)
Info:: http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh214-mystified-bone-drones-5/
2012.074.03.20 [treetrunk210] Sigil of Brass (1)
Info:: http://archive.org/details/1_Sigil_Of_Brass
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