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[nx2011-02] February is a electric month.

A Creative Commons Experimental Electronic Compilation.


nx2011-02_01 – Fosel – [unknow] Dull Stars – Angstrom Scenario
Info:: http://fosel.bandcamp.com/album/dull-stars

nx2011-02_02 – The 17 Sons of Abraxas – [snr204] Dual Face 204 – North Face
Info:: http://www.17sons.com/blog.php?lng=en&sel=pg&pg=3305

nx2011-02_03 – Alan Morse – [mb00] Garage Drone Remixes – Apocalypse Garage 2
Info:: http://mysterybear.net/netlabel/55/garage-drone-remixes-2011-mb00

nx2011-02_04 – Mysterybear – [treetrunk133] Complex Silence 12 – Ylem
Info:: http://treetrunkrecords.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/mysterybear-complex-silence-12-treetrunk-133/

nx2011-02_05 – Landcrash – [fbl010] Brave New World – Digital Wolves
Info:: http://feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com/2011/02/fbl010-various-artists-brave-new-world.html

nx2011-02_06 – Pablo Reche – [ursonate001] – Silencio Urz
Info:: http://ursonatefanzine.tk/

nx2011-02_07 – Pangea – [ursonate001] – Ursonate Bug
Info:: http://ursonatefanzine.tk/

nx2011-02_08 – Mystified – [mb00] Garage Drone Remixes – Fractured and Welded Remix
Info:: http://mysterybear.net/netlabel/55/garage-drone-remixes-2011-mb00

nx2011-02_09 – Model Citizen – [fbl010] Brave New World – Sleep Learning
Info:: http://feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com/2011/02/fbl010-various-artists-brave-new-world.html

nx2011-02_10 – Aiden Deery – [fncd007] Explorations in Sound, Vol.4 – Elec
Info:: http://www.furthernoise.org/

nx2011-02_11 – Hal McGee – [ck0013] Classwar Karaoke Survey – No-Input Mixer
Info:: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Classwar_Karaoke_-_0013_Survey/

nx2011-02_12 – Coeval – [ursonate001] – Doze56
Info:: http://ursonatefanzine.tk/

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