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[news] Nick Collins Autocousmatic

From: http://www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/users/nc81/autocousmatic.html

(2009-2011) Autocousmatic by Nick Collins: a program for automatic generation of electroacoustic works, incorporating machine listening

Autocousmatic generates electroacoustic music intended for acousmatic presentation. Based only on a seed directory of source sound files, a desired duration and number of output channels, the program creates multi-channel spectromorphological tape pieces. Audio analysis capabilities are used to discover ‘useful’ portions of sound files and assess processed files. The project investigates a deeper relation from machine listening to algorithmic composition tasks, and welcomes feedback.

[Autocousmatic application] (9 MB) .zip containing the standalone application for Mac. Tested on Mac OS X 10.6

SoundCloud example output works

[SOURCE CODE] Classes for SuperCollider 3. Note that to run this you will additionally need MLCD plugins (Logger), Tartini, SLUGens, and SCMIR.sc from SCMIR (for processWait)

LICENSE: The Autocousmatic app and all source code within Autocousmatic are under GNU GPL 3, as per SuperCollider’s own license.

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