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[nx2010-11] Silent November.

Silent November.

A creative commons compilation of experimental electronic and computer music on november 2010.


nx2010-11_01/ – Cezar [isor036] Vol 35 #0353

nx2010-11_02/ – Edge of October [dw074] The Death of Days The Inevitable

nx2010-11_03/ – Fescal [cml006] Beautiful Neurotic Vancouver on fire

nx2010-11_04/ – Cousin Silas [treetrunk109] Complex Silence 09 The Tarn Cairn

nx2010-11_05/ – Javier Pinango [exp-net] I.r.real . 01 I.r.real . 01

nx2010-11_06/ – Somnaphon [jnn112] Sarasota Copal

nx2010-11_07/ – K11 [lostchildren086] Con Fuoco d’Occhi un Nostalgico Lupo II – Thelemic sign II

nx2010-11_08/ – Rakombinacje [wh136] Izolacje Sensu Shockley-Read-Hall

nx2010-11_09/ – Anton Mobin [edp03] No Labels No Musics Slow If Not

nx2010-11_10/ – ABLUONIHIL [biodata-31] R100%=G Pensamientos

nx2010-11_11/ – Federico Barabino & Guillaume Gargaud [candl27] Since Electricity No-Silence

nx2010-11_12/ – Maps and Diagrams [gourmet] Tintinnabulate Cucullospora

Download from archive.org:: http://www.archive.org/download/nx2010-11/nx2010-11.zip




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