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[news] Iain McCurdy Realtime Csound Examples.

From: http://iainmccurdy.org/csound.html

 Here you will find a catalogue of example Csound files.
They range from very simple examples which exemplify single opcodes to more complex examples that demonstrate a synthesis or DSP technique.
21st May 2011, added AnalogueVocoder.csd example.
16th May 2011, added pvswarp.csd example.
2nd May 2011, added 8 new examples.
23rd March 2011, added 7 new examples.

News and Help:
The examples ATSadd.csd, pvsifd_partials_resyn.csd and PrePiano.csd seem to be not working on Windows with Csound version 5.13.

If you have problems running any of the examples please check the following:

  • Some examples require the use of a sound file or analysis file in addition to the Csound .csd file. Download the required files and place them in your defined SSDIR, SADIR or present working directory.
  • Some examples include the option of using a MIDI input and include the -M flag within the CsOptions part of the .csd. If your computer has no MIDI device the file will not run. Either delete the -M flag and lose the MIDI functionality or use the virtual MIDI device by including the flags -M0 -+rtmidi=virtual.
  • If using QuteCsound, select the ‘Run In Term'(inal) option if you experience difficulties.

If you are still not able to run examples you can email me.

If you intend to use some of these examples in your own teaching please ask permission first and include a note of original authorship.

The entire catalogue of 279 examples can be downloaded here: CsoundRealtimeExamples.zip
Sound files, analysis files etc. can be downloaded as a zipped archive here: SourceMaterials.zip

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