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[nx2010-08] Experimental summer

A possible collection of creative commons electronic/computer experimental music in august 2010.

(click on image to download)

Listen on archive.org:



nx2010-08_01/  The Euphoric Hum  [isor016] A Circle Of Equal Altitude – Keratoscope
nx2010-08_02/  Bengalfuel  [isor019] Durband  Not Letting Goshen
nx2010-08_03/  Fescal  [bs08] Omnia  Scampi with Marmite
nx2010-08_04/  Mister Vapor  [treetrunk104] Complex Silence 6  Complex Silence 6
nx2010-08_05/  Kriipis Tulo & Space Contour  [slnt016] Plays Pierre Henry  Cet6
nx2010-08_06/  Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan – [earman140] Samhata  Sarga
nx2010-08_07/  Lucette Bourdin  [earman143] Horse Heaven  Dweller in the Infinite
nx2010-08_08/  Gabran  [vjg054]  Landscape II
nx2010-08_09/  Specta Ciera  [earman141] Accumulation Section —– Sleepy Slow Motion
nx2010-08_10/ Darkslider  [mpr063] Circle Of Nothing  Version Of Reality
nx2010-08_11/  Nata  [tvk] Swelter Frequencies  Appleangel
nx2010-08_12/  Coufol [vjg055] Galaxy NGC 46 vii iiv a7
nx2010-08_jnn100-01/ – Nigel Samways  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Windburn
nx2010-08_jnn100-02/ – Dave Seidel  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Penumbral
nx2010-08_jnn100-03/ – Palancar [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Arroyo
nx2010-08_jnn100-04/ – C Reider [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Will fall
nx2010-08_jnn100-05/ – Megatone  [jnn100] No-R-mal II Pure Land
nx2010-08_jnn100-06/ – Emerald adrift  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Exclusion zone
nx2010-08_jnn100-07/ – Ariu Kara [jnn100] No-R-mal II Rusty smoke
nx2010-08_jnn100-08/ – Juan Antonio Nieto  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Icarus
nx2010-08_jnn100-09/ – Philip Wilkerson  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Four point two
nx2010-08_jnn100-10/ – Danadax  [jnn100] No-R-mal II Schizoid
nx2010-08_jnn100-11/ – Jazznoize [jnn100] No-R-mal II Komintern No 1
nx2010-08_jnn100-12/ – Given Willingly  [jnn100] No-R-mal II  Dedicated to a lost cause

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