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[nx2010] Thirteen Sounds of 2010

A possible collection of creative commons electronic/computer experimental music in 2010.

note: August has two songs by the fantastic jnn100 release.

(click on image to download)

Listen on archive.org.

nx2010-00_01/ Scmute – [tn021] Kofiq – Eora

nx2010-00_02/ Coeval – [cnv58] Distante 3 – Epilogo

nx2010-00_03/ Jacob Newman – [earman119] Reflections and Diffusions – Music for Clouds

nx2010-00_04/ Fescal – [bp056] Lethal Industry – Wayfaring Geography

nx2010-00_05/ Nemeton – [nocti9] Liminal – Hypnagogic Dream

nx2010-00_06/ Susperia-Electrica – [earman132] Turmoil – Close Your Eyes See The Stars

nx2010-00_07/ Cezary Gapik – [amp066] Vol.49 – #0455

nx2010-00_08-1/ Lucette Bourdin – [earman143] Horse Heaven – Dweller in the Infinite

nx2010-00_08-2/ C.Reider – [jnn100] No-R-mal II – Will fall

nx2010-00_09/ Fabio Keiner – [pc09010-02] Without Words Without Silence – Evening Evocations III

nx2010-00_10/ Peregrino – [rb089] El azul helado del alba – Cientos de luces extranas iluminan la noche

nx2010-00_11/ Rakombinacje – [wh136] Izolacje Sensu – (Shockley-Read-Hall)

nx2010-00_12/ Angel Faraldo – [modisti 18] Scelsi Remix: 7 Mantras – Aum

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