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[TVK] Nata (Swelter Frequencies)

Electronic Corners.

(click on image to download)

From: TVK


digital reissue of a limited edition handmade cassette self released in 2008


made one blistering hot summer afternoon in a dark basement with an overheating computer, some cool beverages plus other herbal refreshments 😉 and air conditioning that did nothing but push the heat around the room whilst taking away any remaining oxygen. so, in a misguided attempt to continue functioning in the midst of the oppressive solar storm that raged outside with only curtains to protect me from its harsh glare, i decided that i had to do something to take my mind off this desperate situation. after making some quick loops from some of my favourite FM radio soft rock/ pop songs etc to melt into strange hazy shapes, i proceeded with equal parts inspiration and perspiration to create this summer mixtape from hell.

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