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[TREETRUNK104] Mister Vapor (Complex Silence 6)

Silence in a loop.

(click on image to download)

De Treetrunk


“With Complex Silence 6, ambient magician Mister Vapor puts his trademark Industrial Ambient stamp upon the Series. This mesmerizing long-form work has a deeply groaning drone at its foundation, while drifting and whispering higher-toned textures render a swirling, rushing atmosphere. In the middle, the constant, unending hum of a giant generator or cosmic wheel grinds slowly but purposefully onward, sometimes hinting at an unseen darkness or mystery looming somewhere beyond. All these layers mean this piece has plenty of different focal points for your listening pleasure.”

“Fans of Mister Vapor, as well as fans of Industrial Ambient and Experimental works will no doubt love this fantastic rendition (and decidedly abstract interpretation) of Complex Silence. With its definite sense of driving motion and direction from beginning to end, Complex Silence 6 is a wild, fun ride with Mister Vapor at the helm–where no Complex Silence has gone before!”- Phillip Wilkerson, 2010.

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