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[FbL005] I’ve lost (Dissociative Fugue)

Coming to Dream.

(click on image to download)

From: http://feedbacklooplabel.blogspot.com/2010/07/fbl005-ive-lost-dissociative-fugue.html

At first I thought I should write some lines about I’ve Lost work, but then I decided to maintain the original texts I’ve got, to write the press release, because it illustrates what I’ve Lost is all about, GREAT MUSIC. Bobby Jones aka I’ve Lost is indeed an emotional full character. Enjoy FbL005 as much as I’m doing for sometime now.

Leonardo Rosado

I’ve Lost makes music for serious listening, and not merely background or ambience. This music takes you places where you need to go. It explores the heart of Inner Space. It will make you think.

Bob Martin

“I had suddenly an odd, and to my own seeming, a ridiculous desire to abase myself before something not human and so stepping into the moonlit road, I knelt in the dust, having no God, the gods having been taken from me by the life about me, as a personal God has been taken from all modern men by a force within that man himself does not understand but that is called the intellect, I kept smiling at the figure I cut in my open eyes as I knelt in the road….
There was no God in the sky, no God in myself, no conviction in myself that I had the power to believe in a God, and so I merely knelt in the dust in silence and no words came to my lips.”
Sherwood Anderson
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