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[pc0510-01] Anime Hill (Fevered Dreams)

Lights over Mountains.

(click on image to download)

From: http://www.petcord.com/releases/pc0510-01-anime-hill-fevered-dreams/

The width of northern Canada. Home to an anonymous musician who goes by the name Anime Hill. In his own words, his Album for the Petcord netlabel “Fevered Dreams” is substantially different from earlier works in that it is not as dark, more experimental and equipped with an ambient look and feel. The tracks span from “very deep ambient drives” to “sort of electronic pseudorhythmic fun” and others that show some efforts in sound design. In a certain way, the work seems to resemble the characteristics or the north with its melancholic mood and spacious sound dimensions. During the course of the album, Anime Hill also exhibits a weakness for modulated analogue synth sounds, aesthetics that are shared with other Petcord artists like Fosel or Osoroshisa. So in case you enjoyed these releases there is a fair chance you will like this release, too.

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