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[tube211] Project : N.A. (Insomnia/Abyss II)

Electronic Fish.

(click on image to download)

From: http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube211.htm

«psq M.O.S. is the pseudonym of a polish musician who for the first time presents his work here at test tube, under the alias ‘Project : N.A.’.

The two tracker ‘Insomnia/Abyss II’ invests greatly in deep and dark ambient over the course of its nearly 23 minutes. ‘Insomnia’ is more into the ‘dark side’ of sleeping disorders, or at least the first half is, while ‘Abyss II’ – as the name suggests – has a more deep and submersive character, I mean, most of it sounds like field recordings taken from the undercurrents of the ocean bed. The last part of this track, on the other hand, sounds like as if the submarine trip ended up in another world or another dimension.

Great stuff to listen to in the comfort of the night with a nice pair of headphones while watching underwater life documentaries.» – Pedro Leitão


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