[amp065] Hatori Yumi (Spin[ep])

Inner Glitch.

(click on image to download)

From: http://amp-recs.com/amp/amp065.html

Hatori Yumi (22/11/1984) plays form, blip, click and granular noises. The Yumi’s sounds
are influenced by Alva Noto and all Raster-Noton’s artists and by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s
piano compositions.
He did an EP, “Muted”, with NakedNoisesNetlabel and partecipated to “Manifesto”
compilation, for the portoghese label, Feedbackloop. In March is out a new EP, Parallel,
for Haze-Netlabel. Now, he’s working on new project called “Rhegma” where the music and the videos show the discontinuity of his sounds.

About “Spin”

This is my third EP [ release EPs is an artistic choice ] characterized by microcompositions based on granular synthesis [Side A] and on the inversion of the same songs but in noise-version[B side]. So I suggest you to listen it in tidy sequence.

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