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[news] Click Nilson New Supercollider Tutorials

In sc-users mail list:

Hi all,
For this spring's iteration of my online SuperCollider tutorials (the practical part of an undergraduate course in computer music), I've updated some files, and added a few new topics that might be of interest:
Algorithmic Strategies discusses various techniques in algorithmic composition, and there is also an introduction to singing voice analysis/synthesis under week 14.

Workshop materials- Computer Music (G6002)

1. Introduction and Overview
2. Sound Synthesis Part 1 – Subtractive and Additive Synthesis
3. Sound Synthesis Part 2 – Modulation Synthesis
4. SC Programming 1
5. Interaction
6. Scheduling
7. Sound Synthesis Part 3 – Granular Synthesis, Sound File Manipulation

8. Patterns, Generative Music
9. Nodes, Effects
10. Open Sound Control, Server Messaging, Network Music

11. Sound Synthesis 4 – Physical Modelling
12. SC Programming 2 and Extensions
13. Algorithmic Strategies
14. Sound Analysis

14. Sound Design

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