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[1798+003] Fescal (Endorphin)

Light Side of the Moon.

(click on image to download)

From: http://1798.1mhz.org/

fescal strikes you with an eclectic mix of awesomly crafted hypnotic ambient music. this release consists of 34 minutes of pure ambient bliss coming right out of korea. catch your dose of endogenous opioid polypeptides!

Dark meandering with a purpose, Fescals Endorphin is several bits and pieces of sound that range from the rich murkiness of “Hollow Spirit” and “Moon man” to the bright ethereal “Waltzing Nature” and everything in between. “13 Door Cinema” is full of textures, with sounds morphed into something resembling the crumpling and folding of clicks. Melodies and rhythms in the conventional sense are pretty much off limits, though “sheep Dip” does have a semi-steady cadence of sorts. More often, the result is similar to “Frozen Time” with no discernible beats or discrete notes. Rather, this is about complex floating music with unusual palpable, and palatable, textures. “Atlas Air” is typical of the dark tone that permeates the 7 tracks, though light does occasionally stream through on tracks such as “Moon Man” and “Waltzing Nature” Track titles are as diverse and puzzling as the fascinating musical journey itself – Enjoy!

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