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[news] cm 3.6.0 beta 4 released

Acording to cm mail list (Heinrich Taube):

Binaires of beta 4 are available:
Updated to latest JUCE release (3.52)
Updated to latest Fomus release (fomus-0.1.12-alpha-rc3)
Grace Ubuntu executable now built on UbuntuStudio 9.10.
Csound Settings... dialog now uses a combo box for holding different
Csound Settings... dialog now allows multi-line headers. header area
slightly larger (you can resize the window to get the buffer even
Fixed Emacs M-<char> and parens matching mode on OSX
Fixed OSC receiver bug that did incorrect check of hook arguments

Download OSX

Download Windows (no osc)

Download Fedora CCRMA

Download Ubuntu Studio 9.10


Grace (Graphical Realtime Algorithmic Composition Environment) is a cross-platform GUI app for algorithmic music composition with CM3. It is implemented in JUCE (C++) and contains the Scheme interpreter built into it. The Grace code editor supports both SAL and Scheme languages with evaluation, syntax highlighting (code coloring), help lookup for defined symbols and many Emacs cursor motion commands.

More info in: http://commonmusic.sourceforge.net/

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