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[pc0410-01] René Muñoz Córdova (C)


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From: http://www.petcord.com/releases/pc0410-01-rene-munoz-cordova-c/

The letter C is the third in the Latin alphabet. But it can also be considered a musical note, like the middle C with a frequency of 523.25 Hz. Incidentally, C is the third album of René Muñoz Córdova on Petcord that continues his path to a higher degree of abstraction and differentiation compared to his earlier works. The title’s ambiguity and vagueness is reflected in the music with its rather fragile structures and sparse instrumentation. By means of utilising long pauses and silent passages a bleak and tension ridden mood is created before the listener’s ears. In terms of efficiency and consistency René Muñoz Córdova work seems to be at an all time high and one just can look forward to future albums of his.

Olliver Wichmann

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