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[pass005] Slow (Strange Dreams)

Floating Flow.

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From: http://passageflow.blogspot.com/2010/03/pass005-slow-strange-dreams-2010.html

Second Passage longplayer by Sergey Soukas (known as Slow) is out now. Suokas is fairly recognized by his releases on Resting Bell, Multi Vitamins, Metroline and Algorythmik. He also acted in a plenty of versatile collaborations and projects: Suokas, Slow & Svea, Hot Arctic. Sergey also arranged some pieces in «Spaces» album by Feldmaus, worked together with dOP and AI on joint tunes, recorded original soundtrack for the silent movie «Mother» in team with Mental Overdrive and Aggie Peterson.
This time Slow presents a full-size sonic dreamwork. Here’s what Sergey says about this album: “I willed to make this album sounding a bit lo-fi dried – a little hues from the past, world of dreams and unexplored lands, a little femininity and tenderness, simple and somewhat psychedelic melodies, all in all just for a pleasure listening”, – and that’s our spring wish for you. Take your time.

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