Open Experimental Music in December 2009.

(click on image to download)



nx2009-12_01 /THM/Flirtation In Paradise (The Apple And The Snake)/The Synthi Group Vol. 2/[ca345]

nx2009-12_02/Darren Harper /Tones/Seasons Within /[earman110]

nx2009-12_03/Trinité/Le Feu de Saint-Elme/The Synthi Group Vol. 2/[ca345]

nx2009-12_04/Neil Crosgrove/Make me a coffin and put me overboard/My Poo/[mypoo]

nx2009-12_05/Clutter/The Phrenologist/Four O*Clock Chimes/[ca346]

nx2009-12_06/Darren Harper/A Season’s Dream/Seasons Within/[earman110]

nx2009-12_07/Darren Harper/Always Changing; Forever the Same/Seasons Within/[earman110]

nx2009-12_08/ Doombient /Slower/The Synthi Group Vol. 2/[ca345]

nx2009-12_09/Jfox-Loopyc/Collaborations V1 05/Collaborations: Volume 1/[jnn065]

nx2009-12_10/Dxiv/Modern movements/Environments for Izzy’s/[jnn068]

nx2009-12_11/Carlos Suarez /Sonar Live/[alg-set003]

nx2009-12_12/Mister Vapor/Disease/Almost Forever/[tube192]

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