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Martins Rokis & Kaspars Groshevs [0703-0307] (2010.02.09)

Knob Exploration.

(click on image to download)

From: http://www.clinicalarchives.spyw.com/ [ca357]

artins Rokis has created different music under several aliases. His current work is a blend of prepared generative strategies and laptop improvisation, exploring the possibilities of digital synthesis, sonic parameter control and transformation, using computer software.

Kaspars Groshevs mainly works with the visual means of expression and has often flirted with the sound art in his installations, video works and performances.

Both artists reside and work in Riga, Latvia where they have already collaborated a few times on various projects. For this release they made several improvisation sessions during which they merged their sonic interests largely using digital manipulations of both synthetic sounds and acoustic sources such as percussions, voice, toy horn and glockenspiel. It resulted in live performances on Sound Forrest festival and taking part in project “Submergence” in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Edited and mixed by Martins Rokis
Cover art by Kaspars Groshevs

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