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Fabio Keiner [Abstract Cello] (2010.01.28)

Audience deep inside.

From: http://www.petcord.com/releases/pc0110-01-fabio-keiner-abstract-cello/ [pc0110-01]

Fabio Keiner’s latest work on Petcord, Abstract Cello marks some kind of a departure from lighter arrangements as showcased on his previous album Resonant from August 2009. A black, impenetrable mass of gloomy tone clusters confronts the listener with intense feelings of discomfort. Structures are blurred to cold and distant echoes of a past encounter and whilst its face has eroded in the flow of time, the memory of the impact still persists. Over eight movements, “Abstract Cello” does not only make extensive use of the string instrument’s melancholic timbre, but also reinterprets it by reproducing its sound in an implausible way.

There is one paradox regarding Fabio Keiner’s latest work and that is a seemingly unaffected title combined with a deep ocean of almost nerve-racking tension. If there were a story behind the scenery, then one possible interpretation might be a madman wandering along the dunes of a wind torn shoreline, frightened by the fragments of long lost history stuck in his head. Her face was his fate. With her head on his knees she held blood-red stars in her hand and shone them into the skies, before she turned around and faded away in silence. Soon after, he lost his mind at his failed attempts to reproduce her voices in his head. The madman stumbled across the sand, grasping the air, pounding on sand and yelling at the bleak face of the moon.

As one may guess, Abstract Cello does not paraphrase some kind of harmless shades of grey of a drizzly summer day. Rather, it bears resemblence to a manic frenzy, a hell ride knocking at the gates of insanity, without actually crossing the line and turning into a disconnected cacophony. There is more than one way to approach the theme and each of them are tried out and combined as the album progresses. To some, Fabio Keiners latest album may be a hard nut to crack, but to others, it may unveal a multitude of mind images, a chilling journey to one’s fears and uttermost secrets.

Olliver Wichmann

  1. 2010/02/01 at 9:35 pm

    We can’t wait to know it. Do you know Michaelmatician?
    It will be known.



    • computermusicneix
      2010/02/01 at 10:21 pm

      did not know him, very interesting and a half surreal, i feed you

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