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Kris Cadwell [Offerings] (2010.01.07)

Beats rain.

From: http://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/jnn070-kris-cadwell-offerings/ [JNN070]

“It is always so fulfilling to finish up all the little detail work involved in an album. I still havent slept just from pure creative energy. I wont fill this box with too many thoughts but deviants might be interested in the fact that much of this album is inspired by color field painting. Some of the tracks are named with my favorite color combinations.”
Kris Cadwell

And as I’ve seen through time and time again. There are quite a few visual artists that dwell in the realm of music making. Kris Cadwell, or better known in the deviant-art community as dyzvor, allowed his primal passion to ooze into his latest passion. Join in this most delightful album filled with beautiful and experimental but most of all very colorful music.


01 – Fall
02 – A minor thing
03 – Systemetically distorted communication
04 – Areas (sepia and sky blue)
05 – Areas (Thalo green and sienna)
06 – Interruption
07 – The real
08 – ABC’s
09 – Self under siege
10 – Areas (paynes grey and cerulean blue)
11 – Areas (neon human and coma black)
12 – Danek
13 – Semiots
14 – Areas (somnambulist white)”

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