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Alexander Kibanov / HZ [Two sides of life] (2010.01.07)

Ambient imagination.

From: http://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/jnn073-alexander-kibanov-hz-two-sides-of-life/ [JNN073]

“And just under the wire this sublime album was passed to Just not Normal. Since it was ready to go there was no doubt. This needed to be heard and shared. From the gentle near music-box experimentalism of Alexander to the soft noise experimentalism of HZ. Two sides of life, combined into one single release.

Alexander Kibanov is:

Alexander Kibanov (really! it’s not a joke)

HZ is:

Valeria Timofeeva
(also known as N|B|K, Âûïü)

Recordings 2008-2009.
Cover photo by Cheshireman.


AK – earth_incubator@yahoo.com / http://myspace.com/aakibanov
HZ – g_r_s_i@yahoo.com


01 – Alexander Kibanov – Pi
02 – Alexander Kibanov – Sleep of Subteranean Cave sea
03 – Alexander Kibanov – Cycle of night
04 – Alexander Kibanov – The end
05 – HZ – I’ll never wake up
06 – HZ – Anomaly
07 – HZ – Transparent world
08 – HZ – Monolith
09 – HZ – Puddle mind”

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