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A personal selection of open experimental music released in november 2009


1 Criteria

The main criteria is a personal and subjetive criteria about the sounds i like.

Objetive criteria:

  • Only open licenses for redistribution.1
  • No lyrics.
  • No mixes.
  • Only recopilatory of netlabel.
  • Only twelve tracks for month.

2 Involved releases


3 Tracklist

Randomized order.

    • Reference: nx2009_11_12.
    • Title: Singing Bowl.
    • Author: Nick R 61 and Malicious Penetrator .
    • Album: Compilation Vol.2 – Cosmología Pitagórica.
    • Label[reference]: Tres Catorce[TC011]
    • Link: http://feelthetrip.com/trescatorce/?p=59

4 Download Tracklist



… redistribution.1
If any oh the works do not fulfill the requirement of redistribution please mail me: computer.music.neix@gmail.com
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