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Exploring the livecoding scores.

nx003_LiveCode (Miquel Parera Jaques)

I tried to create scores for computers. Simple instructions for playing with few variables of sound generators, but always having the code available to improvise variations. Trying to each performance is different, partly because of human interpretation, and partly by random processes.

nxScore002 is an extremely simple structure. I try to approach the concept of computer sheet music clearly.

nxScore004 is a small glimpse into the world of granular synthesis. (With inspiration from “scmute” in TecnoNucleo)

In nxScore005 the improviser can only decide when to activate the generators after a warning.

nxScore006 is my particular view of a drumbox.

Download flac and/or 320mp3 and/or code from Archive.org

Download Samples from Archive.org

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