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Ocp [Must] (2009.11.04)

From: http://bp.bai-hua.org/ [BP050]

“For most netaudio lovers, ocp is not an unfamiliar name. After his many released out through various famous Portuguese netlabel such as Test Tube, MiMi Records, Enough Records and his own EdP Netlabel, he have finished his recent work “Must”. Bypass is pleasure to present you ocp’s latest release “Must” – an 5-tracks Gltich/Ambient EP.

Biography of ocp

João Ricardo (aka ocp) was born in Porto, Portugal.

His musical path started at the age of 6 with piano studies which were to be interrupted by a move to Kuwait. Years later he dedicated himself to the electric bass and guitar, as well as to the exploration of tools such as magnetic tape and software trackers.

The passage through several rock/metal bands (among which Gangrena) and some incursions in the experimental music field led to the present ocp (operador de cabine polivalente) project.

In the advent of the new millenium, he dropped out of Law School and headed to London to study live audio.

Back home, he created his own PA company, worked in a Casino (where he’s had the opportunity to assist Diana Ross, Bobby McFerrin, Chaka Khan, Wilson Pickett, among others) and did free lance audio engineering.

Presently, he dedicates himself to performing live both on his own and with fellow improvisers and to composition/production/experimentation for multimedia; forms Pygar (an A/V duo) with Hugo Olim and participates in two other musical projects: Boiar and F.R.I.C.S. (an improvised fanfare). Throughout his career he’s played alongside names like Mikael Stavostrand, ALOG, Tim Hecker, Kangding Ray, Fennesz, etc, and has performed in Holland, UK, Spain, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Portugal. He’s also a prolific figure in the international open source audio scene.

Recently he created the EdP – Editora do Porto – netlabel.”

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