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Ventolyn & Becotyde [Neuro Torque] (2009.11.29)

From: http://www.bumpfoot.net/foot126.html 

“Ventolyn & Becotyde has three releases to date, two LPs and one EP, appearing on a few netlabels, Section 27 and Pavillion 36. His first piece, was an Ambient / Glitch / Downtempo album titled, “Splitter” which was conceived in early 2009, being a collection of Simon’s first ever tracks, followed by another album titled, “Audissect” which was a 22 track collection of different styles, taking it up a notch further than that which was heard on Splitter. Now again in late 2009, Ventolyn has taken it up even another notch, presenting you with a new 7 E.P., titled Neuro Torque, which he considers to be an EP of his best tracks to date, displaying his new production abilities. Neuro Torque is a gripping, atmospheric, bass riddled, foot to the floor release, that brings you on a journey of glitched out, pumping 2-step mayhem! From the shuddering kicks and sparkling pads in “Xeyf Loom Oíche” to melancholic orchestral strings rolling over the sub-bass in “Infrictor Steady Shelled”, this release is a true work out for the brain and ears! Ventolyn is very excited to reveal that this EP is now being made available to you from the wonderful Bumpfoot!!”

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