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A personal selection of open experimental music released in october 2009

Miquel Parera i Jaqués

November 29, 2009


Free Experimental Tracklists


1 Criteria

The main criteria is a personal and subjetive criteria about the sounds i like.

Objetive criteria:

  • Only electronic, extreme electric or computer generated music; no traditional musical instruments like guitars, banjos,etc. Except pianos and organs.
  • The maximum duration of songs will be ten minutes.
  • Only open licenses for redistribution.1
  • Only internet and free distribution.
  • No lyrics.
  • No mixes.
  • Only recopilatory of netlabel.
  • Only twelve tracks for month.

2 Involved releases

3 Tracklist

Randomized order.

    • Reference: nx2009_10_02.
    • Title: Peripheriques.
    • Author: Heezen.
    • Album: Circles Around the World.
    • Track Number: 15.
    • Label[reference]: Audiotalaia[AT025]
    • Link: http://www.audiotalaia.net/at025.htm
    • Reference: nx2009_10_03.
    • Title: Levitation.
    • Author: Float.
    • Album: The Healer.
    • Track Number: 2.
    • Label[reference]: Bypass[BP048]
    • Link: http://bp.bai-hua.org/

4 Download Tracklist



… redistribution.1
If any oh the works do not fulfill the requirement of redistribution please mail me: computer.music.neix@gmail.com


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