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Randomform [Redapt EP] (2009.11.01)

From: http://www.archive.org/details/Cl-028Randomform-RedaptEp

“By now, you have probably heard of Randomform, from one of his many releases under different pseudonyms. The super-prolific musician, doesn’t just impress you in quantaty, but in quality as well. Tying in with CL’s previous release, “Redapt” is a moodier piece of work, that reminds us of the good old IDM days, where the complex and mechanical beats were constantly fighting with beautiful melodies. This is the next step forward: the increasingly complex and contracted programmed beats, are fighting this time with drones from outer-space, with a modern approach and classic Randomform’s signature that shouldn’t disappoint you. In a way, these two releases that Randomform chose for CL, complement each other on a journey of what best IDM can offer us. [F.G.]”

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