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From: http://www.audiotalaia.net/at026.htm

“Maya is the latest release by catalan artist Nigul (aka Jaume Muntsant). After one year of hard work and being busy with his other project Hermético, Muntsant releases his fifth album until the date.

 Maya is a new twist on this dark ambient project. This time Muntsant releases a more aseptic album, cleaner and more minimalistic than its previous. It seems that conceptually Hermético and Nigul are getting closer in terms of economy of media and aesthetics. Despite this minimalistic issues, Maya also contains the list of themes that Muntasnt loves to bring up to the light, such us epic nostalgia, farewell encounters and misterious names of tracks.

 Finally, with Maya, Nigul is walking a new path in which the guitar takes a new role on the construction of sonorities. As well there is always a special care on building a narrative flow of hidden ideas, lost stories and all sorts of secrets beneath all the layers of sound structures. And this is a reminder of the inspirational referents of this catalan artist, dark stories, secrets, epic, and finally David Lynch, somewhere watching us.”


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