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nx002_Automatic it’s a collection of semideterministic organized sound made with the sound computer language Supercollider in emac’s linux system.


The material is the same as nx001_Livecode:

– Four synths (in this case SynthDef).

– Twelve samples.

Every time one of the synthesizers is initiated its parameters are randomized within a specific range.
Therefore we can say it is a pseudo-random play, but not algorithmic, since the style does not use structures ”if … then …”.


The only post-production was done with Audacity, cutting off parts of silence and normalizing to -0.2bB.


Making music without the physical feedback of traditional instruments (piano, guitar, midi controllers, etc..), Using only computer control structures (as in livecode) is a way to free some of the expression of feelings and self to facilitate the manifestation of the cognitive processes in music.

The sound generated automatically and pseudo-random is a greater degree in the dissolution of self. It is, in some ways, releasing the sound of the decisions of the composer.

View the code: http://docs.google.com/

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0

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