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V.V.A.A. [Petite Musique pour Arbre Nu] (2008)


From ( http://www.nohmad.net/html/netlabel_nohmad001PetiteMusiquePourarbreNu.html  )

“When you visit and listen to the sound forest of Nohmad you get slowly horrified. Dubstep-Beats and Dark Ambient full of grim, gloomy creeping sounds and graveyard deep basslines welcome you to the underworld. Music for people who enjoy visiting scary places to get to sucked into the bitter darkness. Or to make it short: music for intelligent horror movies.”

Review Source ( http://phlow-magazine.com/mp3-music-download/ambient/979-various-nohmad-netlabel )


Tzii – Ice (Tracklist Reference: 1E0052)

Spekdetrolls – Adnchill (Tracklist Reference: 1E0053)

Nevroz – Plane (Tracklist Reference: 1E0054)

Dawamesk – Krizalyd (Tracklist Reference: 1E0055)

Sub-altern feat. Akosua – Ras Abu Galum (Tracklist Reference: 1E0056)

Tracklist -> ( http://computer-music-neix.wikidot.com/free-electronic-music-tracklist )

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