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The Future of Operating Systems?: Phantom


Source:  http://www.dz.ru/en/solutions/phantom/specifications/

“Phantom is a very simple system. From the programmer’s point of view Phantom is just a big graph of objects, and these objects never die. OS ensures that all the memory contents are sound and safe, even if power’s going down. It is not guaranteed that the very last state of memory is saved (though it can be achieved), but it IS guaranteed that saved memory snap is consistent – all the objects are snapped at the same ‘personal’ timescale moment. Physically, of course, snapshot is being done quite slowly, to not to disturb user with high disk IO activity.”

“This snapshots machinery is not like, say, Windows Hibernate, which is saving virtual memory contents into the files. No. Phantom snapshots are internal and integral ability of the virual memory subsystem itself. It is more like not deleting and reusing later the paging data itself. In fact, all the Phantom disk strusture is big paging partition, organized as a set of generations plus some common (unchanging) part. So Phantom’s snapshots machinery is very efficient due to its integration with usual paging processes.”

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